Blaine & Marianne Sanders

After meeting with Realty EPIC, we were able to sell our house in 28 days, and saved $2,775 compared to the traditional 6% realtor fees! We were delighted with our choice in calling Rock.



Ed & Katie Jackson

We will recommend Rock Florida and Realty EPIC to anyone even thinking of selling their home.  The online marketing was such a perfect package that our house had a contract two days after it was listed.  Because they don’t follow the traditional model, we saved almost $15,000!  They took care of everything, including our endless supply of questions. Realty EPIC is changing the way Fayetteville does business.

“5 Digit Savings – Sell Then Build”

Clay & Lori Goforth

Having built a custom home on Dead Horse, the Goforth’s decided to cash in their equity to build another dream…

GoforthIf you are interested in selling your house, get in touch with Rock Florida at Realty EPIC – Your Home. Your Story. Rock is reinventing the way homes are marketed and sold. He also has a great commission structure that makes the traditional industry approach of 6% obsolete. Rock is great to work with. He helped us navigate the lengthy and arduous home-selling process with ease. He is digitally integrated, making signing docs as easy as a click of the mouse. His people-centric approach to real estate is refreshing in a world of brick and mortar. Oh, and his  compensation structure is incredible. He saved us in the 10s of thousands of dollars over what a “traditional” commissioned sale would have. WORK. WITH. ROCK. PERIOD.


  • 6 days “on the market”
  • Listed 10/15/15 as InvisAlist to not go on MLS until 5/25/16
  • Buyer acquired on 5/26/16 and under contract 6/1/16
  • Total Brokerage Fees: $9,250 on $435,000 sales price = 2.13%
  • SAVINGS: $16,850 (traditional 6% agency fee: $26,100)

“From West to East”

Michael & Christy Walker

Having read an article in the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette on April 9th, 2016, Michael was interested in this novel real estate model…

WalkerI want to take a minute to tell you about our experience using Rock Florida as our realtor. He did a great job selling our previous home and finding our new home for us. He listened to what we were trying to accomplish. Rock had our house sold before it was actually even listed on the MLS. Not only that, he went out and knocked on the doors of houses we saw in neighborhoods we were interested in. Even the ones not for sale. That’s how we ended up in our new home. We bought it before it was even officially on the market. Rock’s business approach is very flexible and he can do as much or as little as you need him to for differing price points. I can honestly say he saved us multiple thousands of dollars because of this flexibility. I would definitely recommend him if you’re either looking for a new home or you’re trying to sell the one you have.

Selling Stats

  • Sold in NEGATIVE 1 day “on the market”
  • Listed 4/26/16 to go on MLS 6/2/16 – under contract 6/1/16
  • Total Brokerage Fees: $5,500 on $235,000 sales price = 2.34%
  • SAVINGS: $8,600 (traditional 6% seller’s agency fee: $14,100)

Buying Stats

  • Found their next home 3+ weeks BEFORE seller had planned to list
  • Total Brokerage Fees: $5,000
  • SAVINGS: $4,122.40 (traditional 3% buyer’s agency fee: $9,153)

Total EPIC savings on both transactions: $12,722.40

7 Months Before Getting Out of Dodge

Phil & Nelly Gerke

We have been friends & prayer warriors with the Gerke’s for many moons…

GerkeRealty EPIC generated all the market attention we needed four months ahead of listing our house on the MLS without putting a sign in our yard, a lockbox on our door, or disclosing our address. The sale of our house was smooth and quick, free from the stresses and headaches that drain a seller’s  time, money, and emotions. Thanks to Reality EPIC’s price structure, we paid only $5000 in total fees (less than 3.48% commission compared to the 6% it would have otherwise cost). Our Rock was ever present as needed with professional services ranging from explaining how the process worked, to providing wise counsel regarding prices and strategies, to handling all the paperwork and negotiations with the buyer, and was with us at the closing table. In my view, this is how all real estate should be.


  • Sold in NEGATIVE 5 months “on the market”
  • Listed 10/10/16 as InvisAlist to not go on MLS until 4/17
  • Buyer acquired and under contract 11/21/16, cash deal, close at seller’s earliest convenience, which became 1/6/17
  • Total Brokerage Fees: $5,000 on $143,500 sales price = 3.48%
  • SAVINGS: $3,610 (traditional 6% agency fee: $8,610)

“From the Masses”

In 2015, Realty EPIC saved the public $53,893 on 18 home sales! That’s $53k that was invested back into the Fayetteville community. 8 out of 13 of those were InvisAlistings. What would you have left in Your wallet? How much better could You have slept…?

You’ve been Great for me…the least b.s., point blank constructive honesty I’ve received. – Lin Crider

Rock did what others said couldn’t be done and saved us a lot of money in the process. Our home sold quickly and Rock handled all the speed bumps that came up along the way. Thanks Rock and Realty EPIC! – Joseph Barnes & Laura Polaski

We heartily recommend Rock Florida with Realty EPIC. We are a family in East Fayetteville that came to Rock with specific requirements of what we wanted, but were torn between a property with acreage or a family oriented neighborhood. He helped us navigate our wish list, and here are the three  reasons why we are extremely satisfied with his service. First of all, Rock challenged our conventional thinking that we needed to sell our house in order to buy another one. We could have easily sold our house because of its location near Root Elementary, but Rock counseled us to rent if we could manage it financially. So he forfeited that potential sale to serve us and help us make a great decision for our family to have our first rental property. Secondly, Rock told us up front that he was willing to knock on any doors of houses that we liked but weren’t for sale. This willingness along with the new way of listing properties on his Invisalist, opened up our options to more than was on the market. So we picked a few neighborhoods, and gave him 20 addresses of houses we might be interested in. He knocked on all the doors, and one of them is our new home! It’s the perfect house for us, and better than anything that was on the market. Lastly, I love the ‘fixed price’ or ‘pay for service’ model Rock has embraced. Instead of a flat 3%, he gives us a flat price for his services, which is much less than the 3%. In traditional real estate, the agent for a buyer has no incentive to help them get a lower price, because that lowers their profit. And for a seller agent, they usually just want to sell it as quickly as they can to lessen their time and collect their 3%. With the Realty EPIC’s al-a-carte service we settled on how much we’d pay for 20 showings and 20 door-knockings. We think this new pricing model is the way to go. – John & Tisha Patton

For a local, experienced, empathetic professional who is always a step or two ahead, Rock was remarkably patient as my wife and I went through our own process. We’d purchased twice before in other regions including NYC and thought we’d mastered every aspect of the search, the deal, and the process.  Rock’s value to us increased at each juncture as he constantly re-calibrated his work to match our needs, pace, and personalities. Our home has long-since closed but he remains an accessible and valuable consultant and resource. To say he’s “mastered the game” would be understating the fact that he’s changed the rules in his clients’ favor… I have no doubt he will continue to innovate in a field flooded with formula-bound mediocrity. – Lindsay & Kristi Chambers

We love Rock. We have purchased two houses and sold one with him. We would never have looked at our first home if Rock had’t insisted. We fell in love when we walked through the door, and made a nearly 70% profit when we sold 4 years later! We had two offers on the property within 48 hours, and Rock held our hands through the entire process. We found another equity builder that we LOVE! From inception to sell to our first night in our second home was only 50 days. Thats probably not a fair expectation, however it is proof that Rock can handle intensity and keep everyone sane in the process. – Ben & Heather Richards

I was definitely a skeptic before meeting Rock Florida- after all, his name sounded like some kid of fictional flim-flam man (see “Raising Arizona”). We worked with another realtor before Rock and spent almost a full year chasing the market and losing bids on multiple houses across town. Rock’s a bit loquacious, but he gave us more (and better) advice about the process in our first meeting than we’d received in the previous year. We ended up buying a house that Rock listed and had him represent us as the buyer- things got a little dicey with the seller at the end, but I’m confident we wouldn’t have made this deal without Rock – and we saved a bundle in the process. He was super attentive the whole way through and went above and beyond to make things right. We have friends looking to buy in the next year and I will direct them to Realty EPIC! – Brian & Ginny Poepsel

I’m thankful we were able to work with Rock. His creative and alternative methods were just what we needed to find the right home for us, taking into consideration our unique desires and needs. As a home-buyer, you always think you want one thing but then inevitably change your mind, and Rock was great at helping guide us through that process. – J & K Williams

Rock was easy to work with and tailored his marketing plan for my property to my specific needs. He only showed my property to real, qualified buyers who were ready to make a purchase and did not waste my time or theirs. Overall Rock made selling my property a great, hassle free, painless experience. – Zac Lehr​

We have both bought and sold with Rock. He is a fantastic broker and a formidable negotiator. When we bought our home we were poor college kids with no money and a wild idea about flipping a foreclosure, and Rock met us right where we were and was totally excited and more than equipped to guide us through the adventure of purchasing that home. He also was great about educating us along the way. Now, Rock is helping us sell that home, and it has been awesome to work with him again. If honesty, cheerful servant-heartedness, and industry know-how are important to you in a Broker, Rock is your man – Adam & Rachel Gronwald

​ I want to personally thank you for helping me find my home. You listened to what I was looking for and what was in my price range and showed me several houses that fit the bill perfectly.  Being a first time home buyer, I appreciated how up front you were about condition of homes, work that may be required, etc  versus just trying to sell me something.
Lastly, once I settled on a house I really loved, I found out my credit wasn’t up to par due to some silly decisions I made as a college student. You went way out of your way to find a solution that worked for me. Your plan allowed me to fix my financials, move into the house, and eventually purchase my home.
Thank you so much for for going out of your way to support me in my home purchase! – Aaron Osborne

My husband and I want to express our sincere appreciation to Rock Florida for his outstanding service in the sale of our home! Rock was always available to ask a question or discuss anything relevant to the sale of our home. We were always informed quickly when the scheduling of a showing was planned.  We would definitely shout from the housetops what superb care we were shown throughout the entire process! Thanks again Rock for all you did to make the sale go smoothly! – Vol and Gail Eads

When we first met, you offered several ideas, which were all good, but we weren’t certain exactly what should happen; however, the next time we met, we had a clearer understanding of what the next steps would entail. Paying for part of the contract with you did affect our cash flow but it was less than traditional costs. – Gary & Cathy Thomas