Realty EPIC can guarantee you will save money or gain leverage by using our model.

“Traditional” Buyers Agency Fee: 3%  

Realty EPIC Suggested Buyers Agency Fee: $2500-$7500

At Realty EPIC, we insist that our Buyer’s are educated & understand that they are responsible to compensate us for the services that we provide. To that end, we insist on providing a personalized level of service that fits your specific needs.

Traditionally, Buyers engage an Agency in which the Buyer agrees that their representative “shall not have any duty to review or learn of any “For Sale By Owners” or properties not listed with real estate licensees that may suit the desires or needs of the Buyer”. end quote.

For this service, the conventional agency purports that their standard value for performing this function is worth 3% of the eventual sales price, & that they are “authorized to accept partial or complete payment of this fee from Seller or from Listing Firm”. end quote.

With our Targeted Acquisition Program option, we propose and assert that the Buyer have an advocate that is proactive in marketing their specific requirements & desires to any and all prospective properties that may fulfill the general criteria that defines their Dream Home, thereby providing them with potential options prior to engagement on the ‘open market’. The clearer your vision, the tighter we can target your preferred acquisition. We then develop a personal search strategy and demand marketing plan that may contain elements of social networking, direct mail, ‘For Sale By Owner’ platforms, & often includes us actually knocking on the doors of homes that would hold an interest for you. For this service, we believe that the opportunity to serve you in your acquisition interests holds a value of $5000.

However, if you found it on your own, or we simply ‘plugged you in’ to the MLS, you deserve a discount for your diligence and still have us available to represent your interests throughout your eventual acquisition.

We understand that at this point you may have some questions about how this all works, so please feel free to give us a call. We are relatively harmless, & we have yet to develop the 1-minute video that addresses all of the FAQ’s.