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The Mission

To innovate, educate and empower the people towards more profit and less headaches. To provide a more exceptional service for a more reasonable value.

The Vision

To be the most client-centric, technologically-radical, innovative, & effective real estate firm in Fayetteville, & Beyond!

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Realty EPIC Core Values


Rock is reinventing the way homes are marketed and sold. He has a great pricing structure that makes the traditional industry approach of 6% obsolete. He helped us navigate the lengthy and arduous home-selling process with ease. His people-centric approach to real estate is refreshing in a world of brick and mortar. He saved us in the 10s of thousands of dollars over what a “traditional” commissioned sale would have. WORK. WITH. ROCK. PERIOD.

Clay & Lori Goforth

“Realty EPIC generated all the market attention we needed four months ahead of listing our house on the MLS without putting a sign in our yard, a lockbox on our door, or disclosing our address. The sale of our house was smooth and quick, free from the stresses and headaches that drain a seller’s  time, money, and emotions. Thanks to Reality EPIC’s price structure, we paid only $5000 in total fees (less than 3.48% commission compared to the 6% it would have otherwise cost).”

Phil & Nelly Gerke

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