EPIC is an acronym. We develop long-term relationships to provide you with professional financial counseling, coaching, & trustworthy referrals of local service providers to ensure a profitable return on your ‘biggest investment’. Should you really spend $14k on that kitchen renovation, or would you get a greater return on just $800 on your landscaping? Should you install solar panels or replace those old metal frame windows? It depends. What is your plan for the next 3 months to 3-5 years? We are here to help you refine your vision and to meet or exceed your goals & expectations.

Residential Improvements Contractor

Order and oversight of home improvement plan. We believe in taking as active a roll in your investments as you will allow.

$50.00 per hour

Local Architects, General/Renovations Contractors, Crafts and Tradesmen, Landscaping, & Third-Party service providers: Market Availability & Pricing

(We are currently hiring anyone small, strong, & willing to dig out some crawlspaces)