Realty EPIC is a concierge real estate brokerage that offers ‘flat-fee’ for service options while leveraging emerging technologies to benefit the Public good that is located in beautiful Fayetteville, Arkansas. 

What is “Flat-Fee Real Estate”?

Simply put, an innovative way of offering real estate services at a more reasonable, and very reduced, rate!

Traditional real estate firms charge a ‘suggested’ 6% commission on the sale of each home. A $250,000 home will have a cost of $15,000 in commission fees! We offer flat-fee full-service options ranging from $5000 – $15000 for the same services, whether your home costs $200,000 or $600,000 – saving you thousands of dollars, while also offering our services on a straight commission basis at a reduced rate of 5%. If you are willing to pay 6% for brokerage services, we will donate the ‘extra’ 1% to the non-profit organization The Carpenter Project to build a home for refugees in Uganda. They have developed a model that can provide a family a home for only $3500!!!

What are concierge services?

The traditional model is ‘full-service’. Concierge is ‘Above & Beyond full-service’. You are the hero, we are the guide. Want to sell your home on your own, but just need a little help? We’ve broken down all of the services provided by a real estate firm, sourced the finest technologies, leaving you to simply choose which ala carte services you would like our help with and you can take care of the rest. Have you ever dreamed of finding your dream home BEFORE it ‘hits the market’? Go proactive with our Targeted Acquisition Program. That is what we do for our Clients.

Core Services 

  • Above & Beyond Full service sale of your home
  • Above & Beyond Full service purchase of your home
  • A la carte, limited-service options for DIY-ers
  • Ask us about our Targeted Acquisition Program(TAP)!
  • Ask us about InvisAlist!