The Most Affordable Education in Northwest Arkansas!


There are a group of men in Tontitown that have been developing their skills for decades, & are willing to train you for a very nominal fee. This group has been relentless in their pursuit of the craft, & have dedicated hundreds of hours to mastering the intricacies of the processes involved with generating a successful outcome. Everyone uses the same tools, but not everyone knows how to execute on the same level. They could teach you for free, but they understand the age-old adage that ‘you get what you pay for’, & they are not interested in entertaining you. They want you to have a little ‘skin in the game’. You can find them almost every day at Harry Sbanotto Park at the bocce ball court, & it’ll cost you a quarter to play. Don’t get your hopes up to ‘win’, but I’ll guarantee you’ll get your money’s worth in the department of education…


Have you ever heard the term ‘you’ve gotta spend money to make money’? Well, part of that is true. Spending money doesn’t infer a return, however INVESTING it does.


At Realty EPIC, the story goes something like this: I often wondered over the past 10 years why I chose to carve out my niche in the Fayetteville real estate market by altruistically serving the underserved-undervalued. For Sale By Owners, negative-equity, people who chose to DIY, and folks who simply couldn’t afford conventional representation. I spent hundreds of hours coaching, consulting, developing marketing strategies and variable commissions structures to help those folks achieve their objectives. I performed these services pro bono, aside from my work for my contracted clients. The effectiveness of my marketing methodologies has always proven more profitable for my clients than the ‘average’, & has generated some really cool success stories from those that just needed a little help tuning their instruments. I’ve always been a fan of the underdog. Spiderman was my favorite superhero as a boy (still is!) because he was just a regular Joe who was determined to make a difference, regardless of the bad press and lack of proper credit. Well, now that I’m a big-boy entrepreneur-type, I’ve decided it’s time to start asking people for their quarters. I have boiled all those years of tools, processes, & execution down into consumer-friendly bites. If you choose the conventional real estate brokerage model, you are agreeing to swallow the elephant in one fell swoop, & maybe that is what is best for you and your family’s digestive tract. If you can walk away from that closing table feeling like you got a FULL value (6%? is that negotiable?) for the services that you required, then by all means, turn right around and write ANOTHER check that includes ANOTHER 6%(is that negotiable?) for the next house you buy, regardless of the likelihood that you found it yourself. I’m sorry if I’m being a lil harsh. But, I get upset that more people are not more educated on some of the base principals of a free-market economy. They say that it’s all about the $$$, then they turn around and submit to the norm without putting up any kind of fight. Maybe that’s my problem. I’m willing to preserve, protect, & promote YOUR interests, even when you and your family are feeling weak. When you want to just throw in the towel. But, if you are looking for another way, give me a call (relatively harmless), I can help you. And, I can guarantee that I can save you money/stress/headaches compared to tradition. I am a truly COMPETITIVE enterprise. I am in the business of redeeming FAITH in the community of service providers, restoring HOPE in the fact that there is a wonderful way out, & I absolutely LOVE what I get to do when I am Entertaining, Educating, & Empowering people to do their BEST.

But, don’t act surprised when I ask you for a check. It’ll likely be more 25¢, but your real assets aren’t bocce-ball either…

Our Manifesto

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We believe that your individual interests are ours only to preserve, protect, and promote.

We believe that your Mama was wrong, and that the World does revolve around you and your Family.

We believe that it is your Story, and we are privileged to be a Character in a couple of chapters.

We believe that, unless you are in your ‘forever’ home, that your house is an asset that is perpetually ‘on the market’ for the right price at the right time.

We believe that if we’ll say it we’ll sign it, while founding relationships that will flourish on a handshake.

We believe that when trust is there, it’s palpable. And when it’s not, people talk about it a lot.

We believe that Fayetteville, Arkansas is the Center of the Universe, & we are relentless in our pursuit to Improve and Appreciate it.

We believe that hanging out at the Castle at Wilson Park generates creative ideas, and helps restore a critical childlike wonder.

We believe that it takes a village to make a Village. And a Broker is designed and responsible to bring all of the best people to the party.

We believe that working collaboratively rather than competitively with each other makes us smarter, stronger, and a heck of a lot less paranoid.

We believe that if we only worked 3 days that there is NO WAY we righteously earned $18,000 of your home equity.

We believe – buyer or seller – that you should get exactly what you want, be ridiculously well informed, and feel as if you have been served by royalty all the way throughout our relationship.

We believe matters of money and realty can be gnarly, overwhelming, and complicated. Thankfully, they can also be understood, reasoned with, and put in their proper place.

We believe in sharing the wealth of our relationships with Fayetteville’s finest service providers, tradesmen/craftsmen, and design professionals. Gratis.

We believe in God the Father, Jesus Christ the Son, & the Holy Ghost, live life by the Apostles Creed and the Scout Law, & do all we do to advance His Kingdom while taking care of your Castle. Alpha & Omega. Amen.