How to Use the Force in your Home Hunting!

In the beginning, homes were very simple things. First, it was a lush garden, & all was permissible with the exception of two trees. Then we started building walls, & we became afraid of all with which we were not intimately familiar. Fast forward to the 1940’s when Real Estate Boards openly engaged in price fixing to establish a ‘standard’ rate. The process was an outright unfair practice, but in the 40’s the attention of the nation was fixed on other priorities. In the early 1950’s, the Supreme Court ruled that an established 6% commission was illegal, so the Real Estate Boards shifted gears with some fancy linguistic footwork and began to call the 6% commission the ‘suggested’ amount. And, that is how it began…
Now. Who pays that? Seller? Buyer? I guess that it depends on where you stand, but you need to remember that the BUYER is always the one writing the CHECKS. That’s the real money into the transaction, Folx! Mortgaged at 4% over 30 years is ALOT of hard, cold cash… You’ve been led to believe that the Seller takes care of all the fees, while the Buyers Agency is being COMPENSATED by the Seller. That’s only equity, not to mention that everybody on the planet knows that you work for who you are being paid by. And, it is not even disclosed to the Buyer (until shortly before Closing) if their Agency is even being paid 3%, or if they’ve been incentivized to an even greater extent, directly working AGAINST the Buyer’s best interest. Paying a 3% commission for services that are only worth about $1500 is an abomination of the Dark Side…

Some of us are engaging in an open Rebellion, & are resisting the power of the Dark Side by innovating, educating, & empowering all Padawans, young and old, to fight for their rights for more peaceful, profitable adventures.
In today’s installment, our Jedi-in-training are a 30-something year old couple who dream of a home in a specific area. Rather than waiting around in their Tatooine desert, they engage a local Yoda to help them harness the power of community connection. The Master assures them that the training & assistance is valuable, & that it does in fact come at a cost. But, it doesn’t need to be 3%, & they don’t have to wait around for some sign to be stuck in the sand. “You must unlearn what you have learned. You will know good from bad when you are calm.”, Yoda says. He then tells the Jedi Buyer that he will charge them $1500-$5000, depending on how many doors he must knock. He then knocks on 20 doors in the area of interest, acquires 6 home owners who would be interested in selling to you. Especially when they are told there is only $5000 in fees, as opposed to 6%, & that they may have from 1-12 months to find their next planet of habitation. Then, each of those 6 home owners become new Padawans, & in the course of two transactions the Force has saved the Republic an average of over $20,000 (or, $33,344.32 if you paid 4% for 30 years…)
And then, Skywalker flies in and blows up the Death Star. The End.

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